Published: 2017-08-01

SWOT Analysis of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Rural Society: A study conducted in the Ganjam District of Odisha

Mrs. Manju Prava Das

Pages No. 6569-6575

Abstract 230  | PDF 1007 

Role of Trade in Promoting Entrepreneurship Development between North East India and South East Asia

Rishi Chakravarty

Pages No. 6576-6585

Abstract 75  | PDF 240  DOI

Neurofinance: An interdisciplinary Science of correlating the Neurology and the Individual Investment Patterns of Buyers

Sagar. G Dr. K. Janardhanam

Pages No. 6586-6590

Abstract 60  | PDF 212  DOI

A Study of Customer Delight with Special Reference to HDFC Bank In Delhi And NCR Region

Dr. Gayatri Chopra

Pages No. 6591-6602|

Abstract 73  | PDF 328  DOI

Purification and characterization of thermo alkaliphilic catalase from haloarchaeal strain

Murugan S Asha K. R. T Stevens Jones R.D

Pages No. 6603-6612

Abstract 52  | PDF 30  DOI

Hydrological Analysis and Assessment about the impact of Limestone Mining on water Pollution in Hial Area , Bolangir district, Odisha, India

S.R. Barick B.K. Ratha

Pages No. 6613-6617

Abstract 39  | PDF 21  DOI

A Study on Mental Efficiency of Rural Older Women

Mrs.A.Sivapriya Dr.K.Maheswari

Pages No. 6618-6623

Abstract 37  | PDF 73  DOI

Face Recognition LBP Feature Extraction and PCA Techniques

Monika Hooda Priyanka Anand

Pages No. 6624-6629

Abstract 89  | PDF 50  DOI

Comparative Study on Lossless Data Compression Techniques

Seema Priyanka Anand

Pages No. 6630-6637

Abstract 58  | PDF 71  DOI

Challenges of Transformative-Strategic Leadership in Developing Economies; an Analysis of Africa Leadership Approach in Economic Development

Peter Njuguna Waichungo

Pages No. 6638-6652

Abstract 85  | PDF 64  DOI

Impact of Claim Settlement on Sales of Life Insurance Policies – A Case Study of LIC of India

S.Maheswari Dr.R.Indirajit

Pages No. 6653-6658

Abstract 165  | PDF 111  DOI

Impact of change orientation on cross cultural adaptability for effective execution of International Assignments

Ms.K.P. Varalakshmi, Dr.K. Jawahar Rani

Pages No. 6659-6663

Abstract 64  | PDF 24  DOI

A Survey of Weeds of Wheat Crop Fields in Narwana Region, India

Surender Kumar Sunita Duggal

Pages No. 6664-6669

Abstract 84  | PDF 36  DOI

Revitalizing Cooperatives in Medan Municipal City, Indonesia: An Alternative Concept and Approach

Karlonta Nainggolan Tohap Parulian

Pages No. 6670-6684

Abstract 54  | PDF 23  DOI

Some Operators on Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets of Second Type

K. Rajesh R. Srinivasan

Pages No. 6685-6688

Abstract 41  | PDF 51  DOI

Satisfactory Level with LIC’s Service

S.Maheswari, Dr.R.Indirajith

Pages No. 6689-6690

Abstract 44  | PDF 23  DOI

Technological Innovations and Challenges in Banking Industry in India

V. Kanakalatha Prof. Ch.Rajesham

Pages No. 6691-6698

Abstract 111  | PDF 74  DOI

Additional Intermediate Tension Coefficients in Cylindrical Liquid Storage Tanks under Hinged Base Condition

Anand Daftardar Shirish Vichare

Pages No. 6699-6706

Abstract 32  | PDF 13  DOI

The Role of Animation in Consumers Attitude Formation: Based on the Tripartite Attitudinal Model

Mr. Sanjaya Kumar Padhy Dr. R.K. Sawlikar

Pages No. 6707-6716

Abstract 48  | PDF 21  DOI

Research Paper on Liquidity & Profitability Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Companies of India

Sinha Mintibahen Bijendra Dr Deepika Singhvi

Pages No. 6717-6724

Abstract 255  | PDF 703  DOI

A New Naqli Aqli Indexing Content (Naqli-IC) Psycho-spiritual Neurofeedback (NFB)Training for Recovering Addicts

Asma Abdul Rahman, 2 Maryam Abdul Rahman Mizan Adiliah Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Abdul Rahman, Mohd Fadhil Md Din.

Pages No. 6725-6732

Abstract 42  | PDF 33  DOI

Clinical Profile of Carcinoma Rectum and Treatment Modalities with Outcome– An Observational Study

Dr.S.Thirumalai Kannan1 , * Dr.K.S. Goku Dr.D.Maruthupandian1 , Dr.K.Karunakaran Dr.R.Ganesan3 , Dr.D.Latha1 , Dr.P.Jaya

Pages No. 6733-6743

Abstract 57  | PDF 25  DOI

A Study On The Impact Of The Working Capital Management On The Profitability Of The Leading Listed Automobile Companies In India (2006- 2012).

Dr. Navena Nesa Kumari Dr. M. Victor Louis Anthuvan

Pages No. 6744-6757

Abstract 390  | PDF 1345  DOI

A Study on Role and Applications of ICT in Development of Rural Areas

Waseem Akram Mir Rakesh Kumar

Pages No. 6758-6763

Abstract 83  | PDF 22  DOI

Improved Feature Subset Selection using Hybrid Ant Colony and Perceptron Network

Nidhi Grover Rakesh Chawla

Pages No. 6764-6770

Abstract 54  | PDF 39  DOI

Optimized Map Reduce Based Shuffling Mechanism for Density Clustering

Priya Rakesh Chwala

Pages No. 6771-6776

Abstract 42  | PDF 24  DOI

A Study on Consumer Preference towards Selected Bike in Hanamkonda Town

Muniganti Praveen N.Revathi

Pages No. 6777-6788

Abstract 73  | PDF 1933  DOI

How to Improve Students' Creative Thinking Skills In Learning Prism Nets Through Problem-Based Learning?

Hessy Susanti Hobri Susanto

Pages No. 6789-6793

Abstract 71  | PDF 34  DOI

A Scientific Breakthrough technology to achieve conversion of Fructose which will result in toxic free sucrose and also conversion of Glucose to make low GI sucrose.

Dr.C.K. Nandagopalan

Pages No. 6794-6799

Abstract 63  | PDF 22  DOI

Fuzzy Algebra and Fuzzy Automata

P. Elavarsi A. Panneerselvam

Pages No. 6800-6820

Abstract 82  | PDF 30  DOI

Study of Momentum and Impulse by Setting NHT Cooperative Model with Worksheet Based RGM for Senior High School

I Ketut Mahardika, Lika Indria Riswati, Rayendra Wahyu Bachtiar

Pages No. 6821-6827

Abstract 70  | PDF 56  DOI

Directors’ Compensation and Insurance Firms’ Performance in Nigeria

Adebanjo Joseph Falaye Ph.D Rasak Bamidele Ph.D Uthsu Ruth Libonghaunim

Pages No. 6827-6837

Abstract 37  | PDF 25  DOI

Students’ Thinking Process in Constructing the Concepts of Linear Quantities Two Variables

A.Mujib MT. Sunardi , Kusno

Pages No. 6838-6845

Abstract 51  | PDF 20  DOI

The Effect of Information and Communication Technology in Panama SMEs Performance

Elisa González de Mojica Gonzalo Maldonado Guzman Juan Ernesto Mojica Peñalba

Pages No. 6846-6854

Abstract 63  | PDF 26  DOI

Crop Combination Region of Ausgram Gram Panchayet in West Bengal, India

Badsha Pal

Pages No. 6855-6858

Abstract 41  | PDF 151  DOI

Synthesis and biocidal screening of Bromo-Substituted 4-biphenyl acetamides derivatives.

Dr. Jitendra Mohan Agarwal

Pages No. 6859-6862

Abstract 36  | PDF 14  DOI

Agriculture policy in India a study of the living conditions of rural villager’s due to the green revolution

Guguloth Chanti

Pages No. 6863-6868

Abstract 40  | PDF 121  DOI

Association of GR GENE Polymorphism with T2DM among North Indian Population

Kisa Saiyeda, Shania Abbas Syed Tasleem Raza

Pages No. 6869-6873

Abstract 39  | PDF 13  DOI

Teaching Scheme Research on Issues of Marine Environment Education: Taking the Interdisciplinary Integration of Biology, Chinese, and Information into Marine Biology as an Example

Chia-Mei Lu1 , Su-Mei Wu , Mei-Shih Tsa Ming-Cheng Wang, Pai-Lu Wu

Pages No. 6874-6878

Abstract 51  | PDF 24  DOI

Survey on Storage Insect Pest, Methods of Storage and Management Measures on Sorghum Grain around Sub Zoba Hamelmalo, Eritrea

Mulue Girmay Ruta Tewelde Sethumadhava Rao

Pages No. 6879-6887

Abstract 84  | PDF 189  DOI

The Role of Compensation to Work Satisfaction and Employee Performance of Steel Fabricator Companies in East Java

Sundjoto A

Pages No. 6888-6895

Abstract 78  | PDF 109  DOI

A Study on Organizational Commitment in Public Sector

A.Divya1 , Dr.G.Udayasuriyan

Pages No. 6896-6898|

Abstract 37  | PDF 20  DOI

Impact of Incentive Spirometry on Diaphragmatic Excursion in upper abdominal surgeries

Ehab K Zayed1 , Magdy M Ahmed Eman Yassin Salem

Pages No. 6899-6914

Abstract 70  | PDF 59  DOI

Strategic entrepreneurship increase innovation, competition, employment, and economic development

Alireza Takhtshahi Fakhraddin Maroofi

Pages No. 6915-6921

Abstract 62  | PDF 283  DOI

Identification of Adulteration in Vinegar for Forensic Consideration

Somit Singh, Lav Kesherwani M.K. Mishra, A.K. Gupta Vaibhav Saran

Pages No. 6922-6929

Abstract 119  | PDF 25  DOI