Published: 2017-09-01

Student’s Mathematics Creative Thinking Skills in Terms of Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Afifah Nur Aini1 ,, Sunardi ., Slamin ., Hobri .

Pages No. 6930-6934

Abstract 291  | PDF 83  DOI

Opportunities and Challenges of E- Payment System in India

Sujith T S, Julie C D

Pages No. 6935-6943

Abstract 264  | PDF 1187  DOI

P53 codon 72 polymorphism and its association with cervical cancer

A.Pavani Priyanka, A.Asha latha, Y. Jayasri mukhi, J.vijaya lakshmi

Pages No. 6955-6960

Abstract 43  | PDF 21  DOI

The Study on Employer Brand Strategy Privately Enterprises from the attitude of Human Resource Management

Afsaneh ahmadi, vahideh delbahari

Pages No. 6961-6964

Abstract 46  | PDF 17  DOI

Etheno-medicinal plant of Saputara Hill, Dang District, Gujarat.

Rajeshree patel, Anjali varshney

Pages No. 6965-6971

Abstract 81  | PDF 200  DOI

Consumer Shopping Behavior towards Retail Stores In Coimbatore City

Dr. P. Vidhya, Dr. M. Jegadeeshwaran

Pages No. 6972-6982

Abstract 80  | PDF 41  DOI

Effectiveness of laser therapy over topical desensitising agents in the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity-A systematic review

Dr. Shwetha S, Dr. Chandra Sekhara Reddy V, Dr. Sudhir KM

Abstract 42  | PDF 82  DOI

Influence of Firm Characteristics on the Impact of Disclosure and Transparency in the Performance of Companies Listed in Nairobi Securities Exchange

Edward Kandiru Maina Prof. Hazel Gachunga, , Prof. Willy Muturi , Prof. Martin Ogutu

Pages No. 6994-7007

Abstract 62  | PDF 167  DOI

The Role of Local Governments in Conservation of Endemic Species: Case of Taurus Frog (Rana Holtzi)

Karataş E., Karataş A

Pages No. 7008-7014

Abstract 42  | PDF 25  DOI

New Technological Changes in Indian Banking Sector

Dr.G.Anbalagan. Ph.D

Pages No. 7015-7021

Abstract 862  | PDF 5463  DOI

Socio-Cultural Practices and Entrepreneurial Behavior among the Tiv People in Benue State, Nigeria

U mogbai, Monica E. (Ph.D), Joseph ., Terkula T., Adudu Chiangi Adudu

Pages No. 7022-7032

Abstract 79  | PDF 86  DOI

Effect of Compensation/ Pay on Staff Retention in Selected Commercial Banks in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Dr Ldama John, Dr Peter Teru

Pages No. 7033-7039

Abstract 48  | PDF 365  DOI

Effect of Regulatory Compliance on the relationship between Public Procurement of Innovation and Supply Chain Performance

Bonface Matayo Ratemo, Dr. Ngugi Karanja

Pages No. 7040-7046

Abstract 54  | PDF 26  DOI

As Media Augmented Reality Promotion of College with Marker Logo in Brochure

Maura Widyaningsih, Muhammad Is Yudya Zunfikar

Pages No. 7047-7055

Abstract 74  | PDF 29  DOI

Analysing Life Cycle Stages of Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) on Four Different Diets

Akinneye Joseph Onaolapo, Olufemi-salami Folasade Kemisola, Salami, Olufemi Samson

Pages No. 7056-7066

Abstract 73  | PDF 87  DOI

Security attacks on Routing protocols and Intrusion Detection in MANET

R.M. Chamudeeswari, Dr.P. Sumathi

Pages No. 7067-7073

Abstract 36  | PDF 46  DOI

The decision-making process between rationality and emotions

Letizia Alvino, Massimo Franco

Pages No. 7074-7092

Abstract 42  | PDF 40  DOI

The Hundred Differences between Islamic and Conventional Banking Systems

S Nayamath Basha

Pages No. 7093-7106

Abstract 38  | PDF 775  DOI

Effectiveness of Relaxation Handheld Fingertechnique and Benson Relaxation to the Changes Level of Post Operative Pain Sectio Caesarea in Rsi Sakinah Mojokerto

Emyk Windartik, Enny Virda Yuniarti, Amar Akbar

Pages No. 7107-7111

Abstract 122  | PDF 480  DOI

Financial Benchmarking of Small and Medium Agro-Processing and Value Addition Agribusiness Enterprises in Kenya

S. Njuguna Ndirangu

Pages No. 7112-7118

Abstract 48  | PDF 40  DOI

Future of Insurance Business and E-Commerce in India

Dr. Dheeraj Negi, Mr. Deepak Birla

Pages No. 7119-7123

Abstract 59  | PDF 45  DOI

E-Commerce and Insurance Internet Marketing: A Business Review from Indian Context

Dr. Dheeraj Negi, Mr. Paras Jain

Pages No. 7124-7128

Abstract 49  | PDF 86  DOI

Structural Functionalism Analysis On Children Labourers Phenomena In Jember Regency

Bambang Soepeno, Bambang Suyadi

Pages No. 7129-7146

Abstract 76  | PDF 1029  DOI

Disparity in Teachers’ Discernment of Malbazar & Matiali Blocks of Dooars Region of West Bengal towards Universalization of Elementary Education Gour Sundar Ghosh, Prasenjit Deb

Gour Sundar Ghosh, Prasenjit Deb

Pages No. 7147-7153

Abstract 55  | PDF 25  DOI

Women Empowerment

Amrita Saini

Pages No. 7154-7162

Abstract 194  | PDF 148  DOI

Impact of Capital Structure on Financial Performance of Construction and Real Estate Quoted Companies in Nigeria

Rufus, Ozioma A., Ofoegbu, Grace N.

Pages No. 7163-7176

Abstract 52  | PDF 426  DOI

Tremendous Changes in India after Paris Climate Change Conference

Tirupati rao Bantu, Sattibabu Adapa, Suryanarayana Veeravalli

Pages No. 6944-6954

Abstract 35  | PDF 35  DOI