Published: 2017-12-25

Impact of a Health Education Program on Improving Barakat Basic School Children's Knowledge about Malaria Prevention and Management , South Gezira

Widad Ibrahim A/gadir A/moula1 , Abd Ietimad Ibrahim Elrahman kambal2, Rawda Alsaffi Ibrahim Alsaffi 3, Asfa elnor4

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Youth Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria: A Threat to Sustainable Growth and Development

1 Aminu Zubairu Surajo*, 2A.H.M Zehadul Karim

Abstract 84  | PDF 19 

Efficient data administration with reed-Solomon code

Veena Mishra, Dr. R. K. Pateriya

Abstract 35  | PDF 39 

Effects of Buttermilk on Health

Dr Vandana S Yeragi, Dr Akash H Maske

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Tuberculosis in captive sloth bear (Melursus urcinus)

Madhuri Hedau* and B.P.Kamdi

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A Generalized Andre Plane of order 34

K.Annapurna1, Sarada Kesiraju2

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Institutionalisation Of Father’s Level Of Income On Students Nature Of Campus Adaptations

Ms.Vijayalalshmi N.S, Dr. A.H Sequeira

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Patient Credulousness as a Deterrent of Complaining Behaviour

Dr. Fezeena Khadir, Dr. R. Swamynathan

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Bibliotherapy: A contrivance to the Happiness at workplace

Nidhi Kaushal, Dr. Sanjit Mishra

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To evaluate the introduction of a focussed assessment with sonography in trauma (FAST) scan into the early assessment of trauma patients.

Supriya L Patil, Lalit G Patil, DR Amol Khairnar

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Various Effects on PV Grid System with Dispatchable Supercapacitor

Rupali Jain* Rekha Rana * Gyanender Kumar**

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MPPT for PV Systems Based On Optimization Algorithm

Rekha Rana* Rupali Jain * Gyanender Kumar**

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