Published: 2017-10-01

Morphological and Mineralogical Characterization of Coastal Soil Samples of Kanyakumari District by FT-IR, XRD, SEM/EDAX

S.S. Sajitha, P. Metilda, G. Aldous Jenin

Pages No. 7163-7171

Abstract 84  | PDF 90  DOI

Strengthening Critical Thinking Skills of Prospective Teachers Through Applications Of Vedic Mathematics

Dr. Smitha S

Pages No. 7172-7176

Abstract 51  | PDF 119  DOI

Effect of Photodynamic Therapy on Aggressive Periodontitis - A Systematic Review

Dr.Prathyusha Reddy.V, Dr.Chandrasekhara Reddy.V, Dr.Krishna Kumar R.V.S, Dr.Sudhir K.M, Dr.srinivasulu G

Pages No. 7177-7185

Abstract 52  | PDF 55  DOI

A Study on Marital Satisfaction of Women Working in Southern Railways Tiruchirappalli

K.S. Velmurugan, Dr.K. Maheswari

Pages No. 7200-7205

Abstract 46  | PDF 94  DOI

A Study of Cognitive Styles of Senior Secondary Students with Relation to Their Gender

Dr. Prerna Sharma

Pages No. 7206-7208|

Abstract 51  | PDF 102 

Livelihood of Former Jute Workers in and around Titagarh Jute Mill Area

Sraosri Banerjee, Pijus Kanti Mondal

Pages No. 7209-7219

Abstract 72  | PDF 0  DOI

Mauritius and Risk of Debt Crises: Evidence from Dynamic Stochastic Model and Arima Forecast


Pages No. 7220-7237

Abstract 41  | PDF 21  DOI

Influence of Organizational Factors on In-House Software Quality Assurance in Strategic State Corporations in Kenya

James J. Kimuyu, James O. Ogalo a, Selesio M . Kiura

Pages No. 7238-7246

Abstract 44  | PDF 32  DOI

The Promotion of Cultural Tourism in Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh: An Evolution of Accommodation Facilities and Tourists Arrivals

Vajana Thakuria

Pages No. 7247-7250

Abstract 60  | PDF 47  DOI

Dowry, Its Causes and Consequences: A Sociological Study of Dowry Harassment and Death Cases in Aligarh District of UP

Saira Salim

Pages No. 7251-7263

Abstract 872  | PDF 1093  DOI

Islam and capitalism: Current Islamist modernities in Turkey

Emre Basci, Ph.D

Pages No. 7264-7269

Abstract 39  | PDF 41  DOI

Role of Leader in Improving Institutional Climate

Dr. Raj Sharan Shahi

Pages No. 7270-7275

Abstract 35  | PDF 32  DOI

A study of the learning experience from an emerging technology integrated curriculum

Pi-Hsia Wang, Shan-Ting Chiang, Shu-Feng Tseng, Pai-Lu Wu

Pages No. 7276-7279

Abstract 35  | PDF 37  DOI

Role of color Doppler imaging in borderline size appendix-Simple method to improve specificity for appendicitis

Dr. Naveen Kumar, Dr. Prathasarathya K R, Dr. Vijaymohana Reddy, Dr. Gowri Naganus

Pages No. 7280-7286

Abstract 62  | PDF 28  DOI

Private Vs Public School in the Present Scenario of Basic Education-A Case Study of Barasat Municipality, North 24 Parganas

Pijus Kanti Mondal, Kuntal Kumar Basak

Pages No. 7287-7302

Abstract 42  | PDF 47  DOI

Construction and Selection of Two Sided Complete Chain Sampling Plans - CCHSP (0, 1) Indexed Through AOQL

Vijila. M., Deva Arul. S

Pages No. 7303-7307

Abstract 49  | PDF 32  DOI

Sustainable Asset Creation under MGNREGA Scheme in Assam-A Study of Sivasagar and Dhemaji Districts

Mrs Mayuri Saikia

Pages No. 7308-7323

Abstract 74  | PDF 43  DOI

Stakeholders Sustenance in Tourism Progression in Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, India

Vajana Thakuria

Pages No. 7324-7328

Abstract 58  | PDF 74  DOI