Published: 2018-01-02

Quality Implementation of Technical and Vocational Education and Entrepreneurial Skill Acquisition for Technology And Economic Development In Nigeria

Ikutal Ajigo, Edet David Asuquo, Abeng Christiana Oliver

Pages No. EL-2018-01-11

Abstract 606  | PDF 306  DOI

Design of Electronic Elementary Material Learning Module on Vocational Higher Education

Ade Fitri Rahmadani, Hendra Hidayat, Eril Syahmaidi

Pages No. EL-2018-12-19

Abstract 411  | PDF 203  DOI

Extent of Academic Achievement of Day and Boarding Secondary Schools Students in Anambra State, Nigeria

Dr Okoye Faith Ogechukwu, Nnamani Patience Chika

Pages No. EL-2018-21-26

Abstract 285  | PDF 1242  DOI

Moral Education and the Curriculum: the Ghanaian Experience

Seth Asare Danso

Pages No. EL-2018-34-42

Abstract 275  | PDF 1033  DOI

Teacher Understanding on the Implementation of Curriculum 2013 in Using Learning Models in Vocational High School, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Fadhilah Razali

Pages No. EL-2018-27-33

Abstract 184  | PDF 117  DOI

Relevance of Educational Contribution Of Jiddu Krishnamurti In The Present System Of Education

Meeta Malhotra

Pages No. EL-2018-43-50

Abstract 1848  | PDF 9933  DOI

The Impact of Occupational Stress on Job Satisfaction Among Kenyan Primary School Teachers

Emily Jepkoech Koros, John M. Momanyi, Carolyne K. Chakua

Pages No. EL-2018-51-56

Abstract 248  | PDF 429  DOI

The Influence of Career Development and Organizational Culture on Employee Performance

Fauziah Nami Nasution, Emmy Mariatin, Siti Zahreni

Pages No. EL-2018-57-65

Abstract 613  | PDF 2249  DOI

How English Language Learning Textbooks Develop Learners' Communication Skills, Creative Language Production, Critical Thinking and Collaborative Learning

Dr. Muayyad Naji Ahmed

Pages No. EL-2018-66-76

Abstract 232  | PDF 146  DOI

Effects of E-recruitment and internet on recruitment process: An Empirical study on Multinational companies of Bangladesh

Piana Monsur Mindia, Md. Kazimul Hoque

Pages No. EM-2018-01-06

Abstract 1984  | PDF 2773  DOI

Corporate Governance and Performance of Firms Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange

Edward Kobuthi, Peter K’Obonyo, Martin Ogutu

Pages No. EM-2018-07-17

Abstract 226  | PDF 415  DOI

Influence of strategic Market Development Practices on Competiveness of Kenyan Tea in the Global market

Esther Wanjiru Maina, Fred Mugambi, Esther Waiganjo

Pages No. EM-2018-18-26

Abstract 192  | PDF 166  DOI

Organisational Culture and Dynamics

Hillary Odiakaose ODOR

Pages No. EM-2018-31-39

Abstract 209  | PDF 161  DOI

Economic analysis of traditional coconut oil production in Aceh Besar, Indonesia

Rahmattullah *, Muhammad ., Muhammad Nasir Ismail

Pages No. EM-2018-27-30

Abstract 121  | PDF 333  DOI

Impact on Customer Perception towards ATM Services Provided By the Banks Today: A Conceptual Study

Dr.A. Vennila, S.Narendra Rathnaraj

Pages No. EM-2018-31-39

Abstract 448  | PDF 636  DOI

Panel Analysis on the Effect of Government Expenditure on Education and Health Sector against Poverty Numbers in Aceh 2010-2015

Mahadi Bahtera*, Said Muhammad, Nazamuddin, Abd.Jamal

Pages No. EM-2018-40-51

Abstract 208  | PDF 303  DOI

Analysis Of Business To Business E-Commerce

Bharti Thakur

Pages No. EM-2018-52-56

Abstract 424  | PDF 1699  DOI

The Effect of Organization Culture, Knowledge Sharing and Employee Engagement on Employee Work Innovation

Ilyasa ., Madhakomala ., Mansyur Ramly

Pages No. EM-2018-57-63

Abstract 380  | PDF 656  DOI

The Effect Of Financial Distress And Disclosure On Going Concern Opinion Of The Banking Company Listing In Indonesian Stock Exchange

Jamaluddin M

Pages No. EM-2018-64-70

Abstract 358  | PDF 634  DOI

Impact of Non-Performing Loans on Bank’s Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Commercial Banks in Tanzania

Peter Stephen Kingu, Dr Salvio Macha, Dr Raphael Gwahula

Pages No. EM-2018-71-79

Abstract 427  | PDF 2827  DOI

The Influence of Organizational Culture, Personality, and Trust toward Organizational Commitment of Outlet Leader in Bank Negara Indonesia, Regional Office, Senayan Jakarta.

Dedi Sutan Ardani, Moch. Asmawi, Billy Tunas

Pages No. EM-2018-80-87

Abstract 149  | PDF 147  DOI

Corrugated Galvanised Iron Sheet as an Alternative to Conventional Roofing Materials “A case study from Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhutan”

Sonam Tobgay, Kumbu Dorji, Norbu Yangdon

Pages No. FE-2018-01-07

Abstract 392  | PDF 177  DOI

Safety and Efficacy of Saccharomyces boulardii for the management of Diarrhoea in Indian children

Dr. Mayuresh Kiran, Mr. Lalit Pawaskar

Pages No. MP-2018-01-05

Abstract 183  | PDF 286  DOI

Effect Of Short Term Aerobic Exercise (Football Training) On Lipid Profile And Myoglobin Levels In Apparently Healthy Students Of College Of Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus, Anambra State, Nigeria

Ezeugwunne Ifeoma Priscilla, Chukwu Goodness Nkechinyere, Ogbodo Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, Analike Rosemary Adamma, Onyegbule Onyema Athanatius, Oguaka Victor Nwabunwanne, Mbaeri Timothy Uzoma, Amah Akuma Kalu, Meludu Samuel Chukwuemeka

Pages No. MP-2018-12-20

Abstract 104  | PDF 71  DOI

The Effects Of Cigarette Smoking On The Serum Levels Of Some Antioxidants (Vitamin C And E ) Amongst Male Smokers In Levels In College Of Health Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus, Anambra State

Okwara John Ekenedilichukwu, Ibe Chukwuemeka Solomon, Ogbodo Emmanue Chukwuemeka, Analike Rosemary Adamma, Onyegbule Onyema Athanatius, Oguaka Victor Nwabunwanne, Amah Akuma Kalu, Mbaeri Timothy Uzoma, Meludu Samuel Chukwuemeka

Pages No. MP-2018-06-11

Abstract 177  | PDF 96  DOI

Analyzing Students’ Critical Thinking Ability on Solving Sequences and Series Problems through Problem-Based Learning with Islamic Nuance

Yudy Tri Utami, Susanto ., Muhtadi Irvan

Pages No. M-2018-01-05

Abstract 118  | PDF 118  DOI

The Analysis of Critical Thinking Skill of Version P21 in Solving the Problems of Two Dimensional Arithmetic Derived from the Implementation of Guided Discovery Learning

Afif Alfa Robi, Hobri ., Dafik .

Pages No. M-2018-06-13

Abstract 230  | PDF 246  DOI

Studying the Calibration Compact Lamps as a Working Standards

E. M. El-Moghazy, F.M. EL-Sharkawy

Pages No. P-2018-01-07

Abstract 107  | PDF 65  DOI

Regional Development Policies in Turkey in Globalisation Context


Pages No. PS-2018-01-11

Abstract 221  | PDF 138  DOI

New Patronage Networks of Pemuda Pancasila in Governor Election of North Sumatra In 2013

Muryanto Amin, Sismudjito ., Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar

Pages No. PS-2018-12-22

Abstract 109  | PDF 71  DOI

Evaluation of Salt-water Intrusion in the Coastal Area of Igbokoda, Southwestern Nigeria

Talabi A. O, Ajayi C. A, Afolagboye L. O, Oyedele A. A, Ojo O. F, Olofinlade S. W

Pages No. G-2018-01-08

Abstract 121  | PDF 161  DOI