Published: 2018-03-01

The Production of Key Chain Kaugaci (Keychain Cardboard) As A Development Effort Of Psychomotor Skills In Higher Education

Rully Putri Nirmala Puji, Abu Tholib, Beki Febri Kuswanto, Muhammad Reza Firmansyah, Achmad Syamsul

Pages No. EL-2018-97-102

Abstract 625  | PDF 157  DOI

Assessment of Personality from a New Perspective: Characterix Personality Types Inventory

Olcay Yilmaz, Aykut Yildirim, Dilek Yucedag

Pages No. EL-2018-103-116

Abstract 331  | PDF 140  DOI

Perceptions of Chinhoyi University of Technology’s staff and students regarding the Communication Skills course

Shadreck Nembaware

Pages No. EL-2018-117-134

Abstract 284  | PDF 90  DOI

Implementation Of Teacher And Lecturer Policy At Vocation Education System Of The Indonesian Navy

Isworo Sutristyanto, Sumartono ., Bambang S. Haryono, Lely I. Mindarti

Pages No. EL-2018-135-142

Abstract 133  | PDF 101  DOI

Content adaptation procedures to cater for students with diverse academic backgrounds in deliveringTextile, Clothing and Design programmes in Zimbabwe. A case study of two universities of technology

Felisia Chimbindi, S. Rembe

Pages No. EL-2018-143-153

Abstract 63  | PDF 76  DOI

Influence of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation on Performance of Public Secondary Schools Projects in Mutomo Sub-County, Kenya

Stellah Mueni Kathongo

Pages No. EL-2018-154-168

Abstract 812  | PDF 216  DOI

Participation of students in University Governance: A case of Mwenge Catholic University, Tanzania

Rev. Eugene Lyamtane, Evans Ogoti

Pages No. EL-2018-154-168

Abstract 250  | PDF 85  DOI

Relationship Between Parents’ Commitment to their Children’s Education and Level of Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Naivasha Sub-County, Kenya.

Goodeve S.K Mwaniki, Dr. M. Ngunjiri, Prof. J. Kanjogu Kiumi

Pages No. EL-2018-169-178

Abstract 166  | PDF 73  DOI

The Effect of Organizational Culture, Personality, and Job Satisfaction Toward Employees Performance In Directorate General Of Industrial Resilience And International Access Development

R. Wiwi Widarsih, Madhakomala ., Yetty Supriyati

Pages No. EM-2018-183-190

Abstract 580  | PDF 446  DOI

Impact of Training and Development on the Performance of Employees - A Comparative Study on Select Banks in Sultanate Of Oman

Shouvik Sanyal, Mohammed Wamique Hisam

Pages No. EM-2018-191-198

Abstract 3135  | PDF 5384  DOI

Effect of Leadership, Personality and Job Satisfaction On Job Performance of Diplomat

June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, Muchlis R. Luddin, Thomas Suyatno

Pages No. EM-2018-192-198

Abstract 181  | PDF 338  DOI

Evaluation of Corporate Strategy and Dynamic Capability to Business Performance

Roy Kurniawan, Budiman Christiananta, Lena Ellitan

Pages No. EM-2018-199-206

Abstract 418  | PDF 143  DOI

Influence of Ambiguity on Success of Public Infrastructural Megaprojects in Kenya

Austin Baraza Omonyo, Prof. Roselyn Gakure, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo

Pages No. EM-2018-207-221

Abstract 67  | PDF 60  DOI

Learning Culture, Empowerment, Cyber Skill Competence And Self-Engagement

S.R.M. Indah Permata Sari, Maruf Akbar, Mahmuddin Yassin

Pages No. EM-2018-222-229

Abstract 176  | PDF 69  DOI

Review on Globalization and Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management

Dr. Bandar Khalaf Alharthey

Pages No. EM-2018-230-235

Abstract 2264  | PDF 222  DOI

Assessment of Beneficiary Satisfaction with Community Based Solid Waste Management Service. A case of Okoa Maisha Project in Mnarani Village, Kilifi County, Kenya

Farida A. Hassan, Hilda A. Ong’ayo, Melckzedeck K. Osore, George N. Morara, Christopher M. Aura

Pages No. FE-2018-08-18

Abstract 397  | PDF 122  DOI

Perspective of Farm Gate Agroforestry Product in the Emergency of the Chepangs Community: A Case Study of Mega earthquake of Central Nepal

Mr. Raju Chetry, Dr. Uma Kant Silwal, Mr. Damodar Kanel

Pages No. FE-2018-19-38

Abstract 93  | PDF 47  DOI

Real-Time Environmental Gamma Radiation Dose Rate Measurement around Major Nuclear and Radiological Facilities in Bangladesh

Sidratul Moontaha, Dr. Mohammad Sohelur Rahman, Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam, Selina Yeasmin

Pages No. FE-2018-39-49

Abstract 136  | PDF 58  DOI

Occurrence of post-endodontic pain after single-visit RCT using Balanced Force technique and two reciprocating system when apical patency is maintained

Dr. Jorge Paredes Vieyra, Fabian Ocampo Acosta, Francisco Javier Jiménez Enriquez, Rosendo Andres Rojas Alvarado

Pages No. MP-2018-46-54

Abstract 145  | PDF 78  DOI

Insulin Resistance and Glucose Dysregulation in HIV Treated Patients

Prof. Xu Yancheng, Salama A. ALI, Ass. Prof Chen Xiaoqi

Pages No. MP-2018-55-70

Abstract 145  | PDF 70  DOI

Pre-Analytical Factors Influence Vitamin D Measurement In Clinical Laboratory

Fahima A Alnagar

Pages No. MP-2018-71-75

Abstract 73  | PDF 121  DOI

Pregabalin Misuse and Abuse in Jordan

Dr. Maxim A. Obiesat, Dr. Muath F. Marashdeh, Dr. Arafat K Al-Zoubi, Dr. Malik M. Al-Alwan, Dr. Raya T. Al-Odat

Pages No. MP-2018-76-79

Abstract 84  | PDF 83  DOI

Analysis of consumer behavior in a small size market entity: case study for Vlora District, Albania

Elmira Kushta, Dode Prenga, Fatmir Memaj

Pages No. M-2018-17-24

Abstract 173  | PDF 86  DOI

Basic characteristics and quality of virgin olive oil produced in Corfu (cv. Lianolia) and South Albania (cv. Kalinioti)

Konstantoula Akrida Demertzi, Christos Roukos, Panagiotis Demertzis

Pages No. AH-2018-16-32

Abstract 198  | PDF 84  DOI

Institutional Factors Influencing the Decision to Take Financial Credits among Small Holder Coffee Farmers in Rwanda

Iyakare Super Mpirwa, David Mwehia Mburu, Patrick Mulyungi, Ntaganira Eric, Nsengiyumva Aimable

Pages No. AH-2018-33-38

Abstract 131  | PDF 107  DOI

Empirical Study On, “Chracteristics Of Agripreneurship In Amhara Region, Ethiopia”

Dr.Kavitha Nachimuthu, Mr.Birhanu Melesse, Mr.Beyene Derso

Pages No. AH-2018-39-43

Abstract 166  | PDF 171  DOI

The Critical Period of Corn Crops (Zea Mays L.) Due to Weed Competition on Various Soil Processing Systems

Warlinson Girsang, Eko Wibowo

Pages No. AH-2018-44-54

Abstract 157  | PDF 79  DOI

Anatomical and chemo-taxonomical investigations within some Salsola L. species grown in the western costal region of Egypt

Wafaa K. Taia, Mona A.Shiha, Aisha A. Al-Kogali, Amani M. Abd-Almaged

Pages No. B-2018-09-23

Abstract 77  | PDF 83  DOI

Effect of different Chemical Additives on growth of Azotobacter vinelandii

N. Mounika, D. Muralidhara Rao, A. Uma, SkZ. Ali

Pages No. B-2018-24-26

Abstract 83  | PDF 109  DOI

Civil Society Organisations: Filling Up The Government Service Gap For National Development

Popoola Michael Akin, Omosebi Fredrick Adeola

Pages No. SH-2018-01-09

Abstract 145  | PDF 191  DOI

Policy Evaluation Of Performances Allowance using System Dynamics Approach: Case Study Of Indonesia Navy

Sukmo H. Nugroho, Kazan Gunawan, R. .Madhakomala

Pages No. SH-2018-10-18

Abstract 171  | PDF 74  DOI

Revitalizing Cooperative Human Resources: An Education and Perspective Analysis, Study at Medan Municipal City; Indonesia

Karlonta Nainggolan, Tohap Parulian

Pages No. SH-2018-19-36

Abstract 161  | PDF 87  DOI

Locating new chiropractor practices in England and Wales

Njiraini John Maina

Pages No. SH-2018-37-47

Abstract 52  | PDF 53  DOI

Analytical Axiology of the Political Background in “Vision of Teodros” Ethiopian Historical Theater

Mr. Girmaw Ashebir Sinshaw

Pages No. SH-2018-49-51

Abstract 237  | PDF 88  DOI

Women Empowerment in Lesotho: Reality And/or Myth?

Moeketsi Kali

Pages No. SH-2018-52-59

Abstract 1502  | PDF 99  DOI

Adsorptive Removal of Bromophenol Blue Dye from Aqueous Solution using Acid Activated Clay

Okoye, C. C, Okey-Onyesolu C. F, Chime D. C, Achike C. C

Pages No. CE-2018-01-15

Abstract 245  | PDF 150  DOI