Published: 2018-05-01

Analysis the effect of investment on poverty in Indonesia year 1990-2016

jen surya, Mohd. Nur Syechalad, Abd. Jamal, Muhammad Nasir4

Pages No. EM-2018-362-366

Abstract 172  | PDF 96  DOI

Influence of behavior, personal ability and leadership on cooperative performance in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Syamsul Rizal

Pages No. EM-2018-367-372

Abstract 97  | PDF 59  DOI

The Influence of Human Resources, Use of Information Technology and Public Participation to the Transparancy and Accountability of Village Financial Management

Riadul Jannah, Lilik Handajani, M. Firmansyah

Pages No. SH-2018-141-152

Abstract 302  | PDF 117  DOI

The Influence Of Financial Literacy, Social Environment Factors And Cultural Factors To Consumption Behaviour (Survey on Faculty of Economics Students, Manado State University-Indonesia)

Sjeddie Rianne Watung

Pages No. EM-2018-386-394

Abstract 102  | PDF 145  DOI

A Compensation Management (Case Study At District Government of Kutai Kartanegara)

Muhammad Iswan, Muchlis R. Luddin, Zaenab Hanim

Pages No. EM-2018-395-402

Abstract 1010  | PDF 107  DOI

The influence of Green Marketing on Decision Purchasing Organic Products with Interests of Buying as an Intervening Variable at Manado City, Indonesia

Allen Ch Manongko, Joseph Kambey

Pages No. EM-2018-403-411

Abstract 100  | PDF 74  DOI

An Empirical Analysis Of The Determinants Of Exchange Rate In Nigeria

Oke, Michale Ojo., Adetan, Taiwo Temitayo

Pages No. EM-2018-412-413

Abstract 522  | PDF 214  DOI

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Quality of Work Life, and Stress on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention Among The Employees

Tossy aryanto, Moch. Asmawi, Mansyur Ramly

Pages No. EM-2018-414-419

Abstract 673  | PDF 222  DOI

A Correlational Study On Internal Control System Efficiency And Operational Sustainability Of Selected Savings And Credit Cooperatives In The Camanava Area Of Metropolitan Manila

Carl Mark B. Miniano, Maria Christina P. Concepcion

Pages No. EM-2018-420-430

Abstract 71  | PDF 75  DOI

Perceptions On Recurrent Drought Incidents By Households In Janamora District, North Gondar Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia.

Mr. Dereje Amene Yimam, Dr. Menberu Teshome Zeleke, Dr. Pujari Krishnaiah

Pages No. AH-2018-121-128

Abstract 101  | PDF 54  DOI

The Contribution of Agro forestry System to Tree Biodiversity Conservation and Rural Livelihood: The Case of Lay Armachiho District, Gondar, Ethiopia.

Mr. Tilahun Yismaw, Dr. Behailu Tadesse

Pages No. AH-2018-129-139

Abstract 202  | PDF 71  DOI

The Effect of Student’s Gender and presence on Academic Performance in Amhara Region with special reference to University of Gondar, Ethiopia

Dr.Kavitha Nachimuthu, Mr.Wondim Awoke Kassa

Pages No. AH-2018-140-148

Abstract 95  | PDF 55  DOI

The Unmet Need of Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh

Josinta - Zinia

Pages No. SH-2018-132-140

Abstract 109  | PDF 170  DOI

Correlates Corelates of Performance of Athletes in Eastern Samar State University

Alvin Bituaran lacaba, Teresita Villa Golosino Lacaba

Pages No. SH-2018-141-150

Abstract 93  | PDF 115  DOI

The Evaluation of production, consumption and nutritive value of gurasa, an Indigenious Flat Bread of North-Western Nigeria

Gervase Ikechukwu Agbara, Aminu Barde, Halima Sadiya Ali, Fannah Mustapha Adams

Pages No. FT-2018-10-16

Abstract 224  | PDF 75  DOI

A Probabilistic Inventory Model with Two-Parameter Exponential Deteriorating Rate and Pareto Demand Distribution

Hala Aly Fergany, Osama Mahmoud Hollah

Pages No. M-2018-31-43

Abstract 74  | PDF 57  DOI

Population Growth and Primary School Enrollment in Yola-North, Adamawa-Nigeria

Emmanuel Torsen, Peace Oaya

Pages No. M-2018-44-58

Abstract 154  | PDF 32  DOI

Effectiveness of the Heads of Schools in Managing Financial Resources in Public Secondary Schools in Moshi Municipality

Samwel Edmund, Rev. Dr. Eugene Lyamtane

Pages No. EL-2018-305-316

Abstract 802  | PDF 132  DOI

The Effect of Compensation, Empowerment, Competency and Job Satisfaction toward Performance of Lecture in Wiralodra Universiti of Indramayu

Sumardi Hr., Prof. Dr.Wibowo

Pages No. EL-2018-305-316

Abstract 455  | PDF 162  DOI

A Evaluation On Training Program Candidates For Head Of School Library to Teachers in Bengkulu Province

Adisel Adi, Suryadi ., Suparno Eko Widodo

Pages No. EL-2018-317-325

Abstract 46  | PDF 73  DOI

On Markovian Aspect of Academic Staff Structure in Private Higher Institutions

Joshua Magbagbeola Adekunle O.

Pages No. EL-2018-326-338

Abstract 39  | PDF 33  DOI

Construct Validity And Reliability Of Outdoor Education Evaluation Instrument

Assoc. Prof Dr Ahmad Hashim, Alvin Alvin Raj

Pages No. EL-2018-341-344

Abstract 37  | PDF 44  DOI

Effects of Unmanaged Sports-Related Conflicts among Colleges of Education Students in Ghana.

Richmond Stephen Sorkpor, Emily Araba Forson, Bismark Tsorhe

Pages No. EL-2018-345-348

Abstract 47  | PDF 36  DOI

Sources of Stress in Teaching Physical Education in Senior High Schools in the Cape Coast Metropolis

Albert Kofi Bonney, Richmond Stephen Sorkpor, Emily Araba Forson

Pages No. EL-2018-349-356

Abstract 236  | PDF 47  DOI

Teachers’ Views on the Utility of the Teacher’s File

Enos Moeti Makhele

Pages No. EL-2018-357-366

Abstract 130  | PDF 49  DOI

Assessing the Observation Skills of Biology Students in Selected Senior High Schools in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Charles Agyei Amoah, Emmanuel Eshun, Eric Appiah

Pages No. EL-2018-367-372

Abstract 144  | PDF 47  DOI

Pregnancy outcomes following botulinum toxin type A exposure: A systematic review

Noha Abdelkader, Elif Keskin Arslan, Hilal Erol- Coskun, Gözde Küçüksolak, Yusuf Cem Kaplan

Pages No. MP-2018-89-100

Abstract 96  | PDF 84  DOI

P Patron- Client Relation of Bajo Society in Local Leaders Election 2015: A Study in Marobo Village of Muna District

Bahtiar ., Wa Ode Sifatu

Pages No. PS-2018-23-31

Abstract 65  | PDF 35  DOI

The Attitude Scale Towards Flirting Violence

Erva Fatma Tayanc, merve sarıer, harun kamanlı, cansu uysal

Pages No. GP-2018-01-08

Abstract 106  | PDF 49  DOI

Librarian’s Perception on Marketing of Information Resources and Services in Academic Libraries with Special Reference to Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Dr. V. Ramadevi

Pages No. LIS-2018-01-08

Abstract 231  | PDF 51  DOI