Published: 2018-06-01

Human Resource Development Management (Study at Adonara Timur Senior High School, Distict of Flores Timur, Nusa Tenggara Timur - Indonesia)

Rafael S.B Bin Ola, Jeffri.S. J.Lengkong, Joseph Ph. Kambey

Pages No. EL-2018-367-372

Abstract 152  | PDF 104  DOI

Educational Management of Educational Institutions In Limitation’s State

baequni - ., Suryadi ., Zaenab Hanim

Pages No. EL-2018-373-382

Abstract 510  | PDF 132  DOI

Didactic Modeling in Teaching Students Pedagogues

Rumyana Neminska

Pages No. EL-2018-383-388

Abstract 150  | PDF 79  DOI

Assessing Pre-service Science Teachers Conception of Geometric Optics (Transmission of Light) in the Selected Special Science Colleges of Education in Ghana

Charles Agyei Amoah, Humphrey Darkeh Assem

Pages No. EL-2018-389-394

Abstract 87  | PDF 70  DOI

Factors Associated with the Decline in HIV and AIDS Prevalence Rate in Volta Region of Ghana

Bismark Tsorhe, Richmond Stephen Sorkpor, Lawson Nyavor

Pages No. EL-2018-395-405

Abstract 85  | PDF 75  DOI

The Influence of Self Efficacy, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Toward Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Ocb) of Teachers Of Private Vocational Schools in South Jakarta

kusumaninggati gati, Mukhneri Mukhtar, Bedjo Sujanto

Pages No. EL-2018-406-414

Abstract 863  | PDF 224  DOI

The Follow UpVillage Examination Report (Case StudyOn Villagein Western Sumbawa)

Hapid ,, Titiek Herwanti, Hamdani Husnan

Pages No. EL-2018-415-422

Abstract 67  | PDF 69  DOI

Effects of Using Practical Activities in Teaching Electronics Concept to Pre-service Teachers

Charles Agyei Amoah, Valentina Osei Himah, Joseph Parker

Pages No. EL-2018-423-427

Abstract 131  | PDF 66  DOI

Influence of Attitude, Cooperative and Inquiry Instructional Strategies on the Academic Performance of Students in Basic Science and Mathematics in Katsina, Nigeria

Dr. Suleiman Sa’adu Matazu, Elizabeth Julius

Pages No. EL-2018-428-435

Abstract 380  | PDF 125  DOI

A Linguistic Analysis of Posuban as a Material Culture: The Case of Amamoma, Apewosika and Kwaprow

Catherine Ekua Mensah

Pages No. EL-2018-436-444

Abstract 131  | PDF 69  DOI

The Management of Kindergarten Students of Little Koala Montessori Karawaci Tangerang

Debby Andriany, Totok Amin Soefijanto, Mochamad Wahyudi

Pages No. EL-2018-445-451

Abstract 198  | PDF 93  DOI

Education Management and Information System (EMIS) for Public Elementary Schools

Odinah Cuartero Enteria, Mylene Samuel Role, Ms

Pages No. EL-2018-452-462

Abstract 337  | PDF 3618  DOI

Functional Approach in Teaching and Learning Plane Trigonometry

Marita Salvo Magat

Pages No. EL-2018-463-468

Abstract 76  | PDF 90  DOI

The Implementation of Balanced Scorecard as an Alternative Performance Measurenment at Samsat Mataram

Nungki Komaryati, Akram M., Basuki Prayitno

Pages No. EL-2018-469-477

Abstract 180  | PDF 89  DOI

Effect of Employee Participation on Organizational Performance with Organizational Commitment as a Moderator

Peter Butali, David Njoroge

Pages No. EL-2018-478-485

Abstract 2092  | PDF 930  DOI

Quality Quality of Work Life, Motivation, and Employee Performance on PT. Bank BCA Branch Jember

Mahmud Fatoni, Ultafakoh Paranitha Dimulyo, Ms.

Pages No. EM-2018-431-437

Abstract 243  | PDF 98  DOI

THE Staff Readiness to Change in Sungai Petani Community College Organization: a Pls-Sem Approach

Reezlin Abdul Rahman, Najmiah Abdulah, Abd Latif Ahmad

Pages No. EM-2018-438-447

Abstract 114  | PDF 82  DOI

The Management of Indonesian Navy Personnel Based on Competence to Achieve More Optimum Performance

Heribertus Yudho Warsono, Budiyanto ., Akhmad Riduwan

Pages No. EM-2018-448-455

Abstract 229  | PDF 76  DOI

Influence of ethical behavior on Corporate Governance of firm’s performance in Ghana.

Obeng Kwakye, Kong Yusheng, Emmanuel Caesar Ayamba, Andrew Agyemang Osei

Pages No. EM-2018-456-466

Abstract 179  | PDF 179  DOI

Assessment of the Capacity of TVET and University Hospitality Schools in offering Food Safety and Hygiene Training in Kenya

Monica A. Wandolo, Prof. Douglas Ndiritu, Dr. Rosemarie Khayiya, Dr. Beatrice W. Mugendi

Pages No. EM-2018-467-480

Abstract 113  | PDF 84  DOI

Financial Inclusion as a Catalyst for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria

Akeem Abimbola, Felicia O. Olokoyo, Opeyemi Babalola, Elemide Farouk

Pages No. EM-2018-481-490

Abstract 547  | PDF 338  DOI

Unmet Need for Family Planning Among Women of Reproductive Age in Plateau State Nigeria

Amina Mohammed, Esther Awazzi Envuladu, Elizabeth Onyi Okoh, Ize Anuwolapo Osagie, Mustapha Abdulsalaam Danimoh, Ayuba Ibrahim Zoakah

Pages No. MP-2018-101-107

Abstract 162  | PDF 76  DOI

Travelling Wave Solutions of the Perturbed Wadati-Segur-Ablowitz Equation by (G'/G)-Expansion Method

Figen Kangalgil

Pages No. M-2018-59-64

Abstract 78  | PDF 85  DOI

Developing Small Towns as a Panacea to Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: A Focus on Itam And Ikot Ekpene in Akwaibom State, Nigeria

Atelhe, George Atelhe, Akande, Benyin Adah, Peter Eyo

Pages No. PS-2018-32-39

Abstract 98  | PDF 46  DOI

On-farm Characterization of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Landraces in the Highlands of North Gondar, Ethiopia

Daniel Tadesse, Wuletaw Mekuria, Tazebachew Asres, Beyene Derso

Pages No. AH-2018-149-157

Abstract 145  | PDF 73  DOI

The Status of Household Food Insecurity: The Case of West Belesa, North Gondar, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Sisay Yehuala, Degsew Melak, Wuletaw Mekuria

Pages No. AH-2018-158-166

Abstract 181  | PDF 90  DOI

Border Residents and Cross border Crimes in Ghana: An Empirical Study of Aflao

Dr. Ishmael K. Hlovor

Pages No. SH-2018-152-163

Abstract 95  | PDF 116  DOI

Agreements and Relationships of Market Actors for Mindanao Yellow Corn

Gigi Bernardo Calica, Nancy L. Eleria

Pages No. SH-2018-164-170

Abstract 51  | PDF 56  DOI

Review of the Role of Political Economy with respect to Agricultural Policymaking in Africa

Mfote David

Pages No. SH-2018-171-179

Abstract 134  | PDF 61  DOI

Evaluation Implementation Of Regional Program Empowering “Gotong Royong” In New Autonomy Region

Judhi Ichtiyar Abdulkadir, R. Madhakomala, Fahmi Idris

Pages No. SH-2018-181-202

Abstract 159  | PDF 91  DOI

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal System in Educational Institution: IAMTECH Sierra Leone as a case study

Ibrahim Abdulai Sawaneh, Umaru Peter Kamara, Osman Gbassay Kamara

Pages No. SH-2018-203-209

Abstract 73  | PDF 39  DOI

THE Agadir Port And Digues Protection : What is the best protection of a port?

Moulay Ali Alaoui, Pr.Hassan Fatmaoui, Pr.Jamal Chaoufi

Pages No. EC-2018-10-16

Abstract 111  | PDF 128  DOI

Analysis of Electronic Payment Systems in Ghana - A Case Study of Mobile Payment System

Francis Agbenyegah Kwadzo, Regina Kafui Adroe, Dr. Michael Asante

Pages No. EC-2018-17-25

Abstract 862  | PDF 141  DOI

Numerical Investigation of Forced Convection Heat Transfer on a Circular Finned tube with AL2O3-Water Nano Fluid

Khudheyer Ahmed F., Hameed, .Raghad A.

Pages No. EC-2018-26-34

Abstract 135  | PDF 73  DOI

Enhancement of Forced Convection Heat Transfer for SiO2 flow through Channel with Ribs at Constant Heat Flux

Khudheyer Ahmed F., Nawaf, Taha S.

Pages No. EC-2018-35-43

Abstract 133  | PDF 78  DOI

The Scientific Comparison between Web-Based Site and Web-Builder (Open Source) Project: Functionalities, Usability, Design and Security

Aso Mohammed Aladdin, Chnoor M. Rahman, Mzhda S. Abdulkarim

Pages No. EC-2018-44-52

Abstract 166  | PDF 83  DOI

Reliability and Validity of the 90º Push-Ups Test Protocol

Ahmad Hashim, Azli Ariffin, Abdul Talib Hashim, Abu Bakar Yusof

Pages No. PE-2018-01-05

Abstract 151  | PDF 98  DOI

An Investigation into Screening Process of Athletes during Basic Education School Sports Competitions and its Influence on Students’ Athletes in the Gomoa East District in Ghana

Richmond Stephen Sorkpor, Adama Calvin Cudjoe Agbeko, Julius Jerry Agortey

Pages No. PE-2018-06-19

Abstract 63  | PDF 59  DOI

Administrative Support in Teaching and Learning of Physical Education in Colleges of Education in the Western Region of Ghana

Richmond Stephen Sorkpor, Emmanuel Armah Enninful, Charlotte Adomah Diabor

Pages No. PE-2018-20-30

Abstract 62  | PDF 37  DOI

Legal Consensus as to Embargo Claims; an Investigative Study

Chandana Jayalath

Pages No. LLA-2018-01-05

Abstract 88  | PDF 105  DOI