Published: 2019-07-02

The Effect of Responsibility and Leadership on Job Performance of High School at North Jakarta

hari hamri, Moch. Asmawi, Unifah Rasyid

Pages No. EL-2019-1071-1077

Abstract 84  | PDF 60  DOI

Evaluation the Lesson Plan of English Language Learning in Junior High School, Seraphine Bakti Utama West Jakarta

Hendrico Dolok Mauliate, Aceng Rahmat, Siti Wachidah

Pages No. EL-2019-1078-1086

Abstract 77  | PDF 38  DOI

Effect of Organo-mineral Fertilization on the Growth, Yield and Economic Profitability of Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Eastern DRC

Chakirwa, Z.P, Murhi, M.I., Aksanti, K.C, Masirika, F.C., Banyanga, N.E, Lubobo, A.K

Pages No. EM-2019-1218-1231

Abstract 64  | PDF 60  DOI

The Role of Project Management in the success of Small Businesses

Bazhar Abdulrahman, Kahi Ilham Abdal

Pages No. EM-2019-1232-1237

Abstract 94  | PDF 47  DOI

Adoption of open innovation: Evidence from SMEs in the Ghanaian Hospitality Industry

Tian Hongyun, William Adomako Kankam, Florence Appiah-Twum, Isaac Gumah Akolgo, Shuja Iqbal, Adelaide Spio-Kwofie

Pages No. EM-2019-1238-1253

Abstract 107  | PDF 71  DOI

To Evaluate The Effectiveness of Deep Breathing Exercises on Menopausal Symptoms Among Menopausal Mothers In Selected Community Area, Mangaluru

Amitha Mohan, Mrs. Sandhya D. Almedia

Pages No. MP-2019-201-204

Abstract 49  | PDF 42  DOI

Evaluation of Baseline Hematologic Parameters of Steady State Sickle Cell Disease Patients at The Chantal Biya’s Foundation, Yaounde- Cameroon

Bih Adelaide, Ngala Solange Mudih, Alima Yanda, Akaba Fergus Ambe, Jutcha Florent, Ingrid Sulem - Yong Worti

Pages No. MP-2019-205-210

Abstract 90  | PDF 54  DOI

Pregabalin Abuse in between Jordanian youths need to concern

Dr. Maxim A. Obiesat, Dr. Muath F. Marashdeh, Dr. Arafat K Al-Zoubi, Dr. Malik M. Al-Alwan, Dr. Raya T. Al-Odat

Pages No. MP-2019-2011-213

Abstract 65  | PDF 45  DOI

Contribution of modern social networks in building social integration in public Universities in Uganda

Peter Nareeba, Dr. Anthony Ichuloi PhD, Prof. Edmond Were PhD

Pages No. SH-2019-501-507

Abstract 45  | PDF 57  DOI

The study of association between the companies market value and the oil and gas reserve value

Bazhar A. Abdulrahman Kawani, Kahi Ilham Abdal

Pages No. SH-2019-508-518

Abstract 110  | PDF 36  DOI

Effectiveness of Labor Inspection to Protect Working Children Under Law No. 13 of 2003 on Labor in Bone County

Nur Paikah

Pages No. SH-2019-519-524

Abstract 30  | PDF 58  DOI

A Comparison between the Empirical and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Methods

Dr. Mohammed Shallal, Elsir Suliman Ahmed

Pages No. EC-2019-261-267

Abstract 83  | PDF 120  DOI

Numerical Study of Sediment Flow Over Bottom Intake Racks With Flow-3D

Seyed Mahyar Zamanieh Shahri, Seyed Alireza Khoshnevis, Keivan Bina, Seyed Armin Aboutalebi

Pages No. ijsrm/v7i7.ec02

Abstract 160  | PDF 57  DOI

The Role of Notary and PPAT in Making Inheritance Deed for Non-Muslim Heirs

Adri Aulia Rahman, Shalim HS, Muhaimin

Pages No. LLA-2019-136-140

Abstract 69  | PDF 44  DOI

The Legal Conundrum Of Non-Interest Banking. A Case Study Of Islamic Bank In Nigeria.

Miebaka Nabiebu, Michael Takim Otu

Pages No. LLA-2019-141-152

Abstract 439  | PDF 101  DOI

Concept of Criminal Responsibility for Work Group Errors in Procurement of Goods or Services

Supardin, Amiruddin, Lalu Parman

Pages No. LLA-2019-153-160

Abstract 39  | PDF 44  DOI

Analysis of Review of the Principles of Law and Justice Principles in Indonesia (Study on the Constitutional Court's Decision Number 66 / Pu-XIII / 2015)

Dewa Ngakan Putu Andi Asmara, Rodliyah, Lalu Sabardi

Pages No. LLA-2019-161-170

Abstract 44  | PDF 50  DOI

Decision Making in the Process against Children Diversion Dealing with the Law Has not Aged 12 Years

I Pande Ketut Arya Yarsita, Rodliyah, RR. Cahyowati

Pages No. LLA-2019-171-179

Abstract 43  | PDF 49  DOI