Published: 2020-01-02

The Role of Technology in Music Education: A Survey of Computer Usage in Teaching Music in Colleges of Education in The Volta Region, Ghana

Eddison Foster Mawusi, Klutse Eric Kwadwo

Pages No. 1139-1156

Abstract 80  | PDF 44  DOI

Agogo Presbyterian College of Education Under the Missionaries and After Take-Over by the Government (1931-2013): A Comparative Study

Frederick Mensah Bonsu, Augustine Adjei, David Doe Ayornoo

Pages No. 1157-1172

Abstract 34  | PDF 12  DOI

Managing Transitions: Coping Strategies for New Principals in Colleges of Education, Ghana

Caroline Aggrey-Fynn

Pages No. 1173-1184

Abstract 52  | PDF 16  DOI

Relationship Among Building Characteristics, Plant Layout, Landscaping And Student Academic Performance In Kebbi State Secondary Schools, Nigeria

Sani Dantani MANGA

Pages No. 1185-1193

Abstract 42  | PDF 4  DOI

Influence of Professional Status and Conditions of Services on Teacher Productivity in Primary Schools in Zuru Emirate, Kebbi State, Nigeria

Sani Dantani MANGA

Pages No. 1194-1203

Abstract 45  | PDF 9  DOI

Authentic ELT Material Adaptation: Drawbacks, Prevalence and Solutions: The case of Wolkite University community school, Wolkite, Ethiopia.

Fikremariam Yirgu Wondimtegegn

Pages No. 597-606

Abstract 23  | PDF 9  DOI

A Proposed Framework to Integrate Sustainability into Industrial Small to Medium Business Practices: Challenges and Expectations. A Field Study on Saudi Business Organization

Mona Fathi Rizk, Hayah Mohamed Abouelnaga, Sahar Ahmed Fallatah

Pages No. 1471-1492

Abstract 63  | PDF 21  DOI

Professionalization of the Managerial Capital in the Healthcare Field: a Case of Ukraine

Viktoriia Borshch

Pages No. 1493-1499

Abstract 38  | PDF 9  DOI

The Impact of Investment Climate on Industrial growth in the Central African sub-region (CEMAC)

Dr. Etoh-Anzah Peter Angyie, Mr. Badjo Ngongue Martial Annicet

Pages No. 1500-1516

Abstract 28  | PDF 0  DOI

Effects of the financial crisis on the turkish banking sector : a research on turkısh bankıng crısıs in 2000-2001

Jahan Behistani, Dr. Mustafa ÖZYEŞİL, Taimur A. Qadir

Pages No. 1517-1526

Abstract 36  | PDF 7  DOI

Efficacy of pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides for weed management in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) production in Guinea Savannah

Kokonu Kojo Wilfred, Israel Kwame Dzomeku, Kugbe Joseph Xorse

Pages No. 263-276

Abstract 36  | PDF 2  DOI

Adoption of innovations in harvesting methods of the grape: A case study in Charikar and Bagram districts of Parwan province, Afghanistan

Zafaruddin Dadkhwah, Kürşat Demiryürek

Pages No. 277-284

Abstract 53  | PDF 10  DOI

Cultural Communication in Social Integration between Bawean Ethnic and Malay Sub-Ethnic in Malaysia

Muhammad Ridhwan Sarifin

Pages No. 585-590

Abstract 46  | PDF 28  DOI

The analysis of Ethiopian traditional music instrument through indigenous knowledge (kirar, masinko, begena, kebero and washint/flute)

Girmaw Ashebir Sinshaw

Pages No. 591-596

Abstract 47  | PDF 24  DOI

Study on Home Chairs Design Evaluation for Low-and Middle-income Groups Based on User Experience

Xianshu Leng, Hong Zhang, Ding Feng

Pages No. 307-313

Abstract 38  | PDF 22  DOI

Development of Correlation between Soaked CBR and In-Situ CBR Determined by DCP for Soil in the Southern Province of Rwanda

Naphtal NTIRENGANYA, Babiker Basher, Elsir Suliman Ahmed, Dr. Mohammed Shallal

Pages No. 314-318

Abstract 47  | PDF 7  DOI